The Jan Eleni Collage is an exclusive art piece, a compilation of your child's work. 

Our unique archiving process starts off with collecting your art and other paper treasures. After careful review and editing of all individual pieces, we then handle and process each one its own specific way.

We offer two versions of our collage - original and print. Both are archival and the end product is a vast personal collection of art turned into one specialty piece - a modern grid collage, that can be passed down to your child.

The Original Collage, a true labor of love - is hand cut miniature images, which comes beautifully and professionally framed. Sizes for our original version can be customized and priced accordingly. Our popular size holds 112 images.
Please contact us for prices.

The Archival Pigmented Print is a single sheet art piece. This is a professional high quality print using pigmented inks on Hot Press Rag paper. This version is unframed, carefully rolled and can be shipped worldwide. Our standard sizes are 40, 70 or 112-image versions. 

Prices start at $950.00 for the 40-image archival print.

Please note that all artwork is handled carefully and all original art is returned to you. The turn-around time can vary so it is best to contact us to get an estimate on timing.

For further inquires, requests for special projects or to be placed on our mailing list, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.